Meet Fluento:
Effortless Fluency
Match with Real People for Goal-Driven Chats and Get Instant AI Feedback to Perfect Your Speaking Skills
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Real People You Say?
Yes, real people! Fluento’s AI matches you with others based on your goals, level, and interests. It's like Omegle, but with a purpose. No more random chats, just meaningful conversations that help you learn and grow.
Instant Practice
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But What Do We Talk About?
Fluento sets up role-playing scenarios tailored to your goals and interests. Whether it's planning a trip, discussing hobbies, or practicing for a job interview, we've got you covered!
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And What Does My Feedback Look Like?
Fluento provides instant, actionable insights on your grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. It's like having a personal language coach by your side, 24/7.
AI Feedback
OK, How much will it cost me?

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What's included?

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